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SueApp allows you to file small claims in as little as 10 minutes. SueApp will guide you through the entire process, connecting you to your county's court system, uploading documents, and receiving information- all in real time.

About Us

SueApp is a smart application that provides an intuitive, quick, and simple solution for a previously tedious and intimidating small claims filing process. Using innovative data analysis and management tools for submitting small claims, our platform offers a real time filing and management service, combined with relevant data to support the prosecution process. By harnessing technology and leveraging public data to improve the current filing process, we hope to make achieving effective personal and social justice accessible to everyone.

Save Time

Avoid unnecessary paperwork and appointments.

Save Money

Bypass hiring a lawyer and go to court directly through our platform.

Win Big

We will send your case to court ourselves

Apply Effortlessly

we will guide you, making a traditionally complex process easy!

How it works

Step 1

Enter the plaintiff and defendent information.

Step 2

Fill out SueApp's 'Statement of Claim.'

Step 3

Upload any documents for evidence.

Step 4

Review, pay, and submit.

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